But how is all that? All Star Weekend without the Match of the Stars in the style of East vs. West? Well exactly yes. The NBA is just making big changes!

Megainputs, fun on max and … a bit of kidding. Recent Star Matches did not have too much to do with the real basketball. NBA stars only wanted to throw three points at a non-stop pace, or score another dunk shot. No sense.

That is why the NBA bosses decided to change the formula of this basketball season a bit.

What is exactly going on? So. Next, the fans will select players to play (12 players each). Players who get the most votes will be captains. And most importantly now. It is they who will start picking up their All Star Game teams. They will choose alternately, in the draft formula, the same as it is customary to match in the backyard matches. Very interesting.

Let us remind you that in the upcoming games of the East-West clash, the game has been scheduled for February 18 in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. What a happening it is going to be!

“I am very proud of what the basketball players and the league have done to improve the Match of the Stars. We hope to do a great show in LA,” said Chris Paul, Houston Rockets new star.


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