So much the boy has played! After a change of coach in Bayern Munich, Franck Ribéry hoped that he would eventually appear on the pitch more often.

It was known that the Frenchman is not a favorite of Carlo Ancelotti. And so after Franck’s departure, Franck hoped that he would finally show that he was still a world-class prop player. And what? And the biggest nightmare of the German championship player returned.

Ribéry suffered an injury during the Bundesliga’s last match in which the Bavarians drew 2-2 with Hertha Berlin. Franck wanted to take on the ball, unlucky with his straight leg, he stepped on it. The so-called. straighten the knee. There was a pain and the player immediately had to leave the pitch.

Now his leg is already immobilized by a rail for several weeks. And that means the Frenchman will probably not play this year.

Let us recall that in the 2016/17 season Franck had two serious injuries and had to pause for more than two months. It was even worse a year earlier. Then the athlete treated the injuries from the beginning of the competition until February!

Franck is 34 years old and has a contract with Bayern until July next year. It is obvious that this is the slow end of his adventure with the Munich club. Sadly that in such circumstances.


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