What does Roy Keane have to do with Paul Pogba? At first glance, not too much, but there are a few things that they have in common.

It is known, the Irishman is a great legend of Manchester United, who was also known for not being able to control himself on the pitch as well as during interviews. Now the Frenchman is following his footsteps. And it’s exactly in the same order.

On Saturday evening, Pogba fought for three points in the match against Arsenal. He did it quite, quite well (United won 3:1). However, only up to a certain point. In the 74th minute, he brutally fouled Hector Bellerin and was kicked out of the field. It was a total stupidity which has caused that Paul would not play in the very important Derby match with the City.


After the match, instead of apologizing to the rival and asking for forgiveness, the midfielder of the Red Devils showed even bigger stupidity. In one of the interviews he said: – I hope that one day they will “slip over”. I also hope, but I realize that saying such things is bad, for a few injuries of their most important players. Unfortunately, we are struggling with the injuries of our important players during the most difficult matches. If the same thing happens to them, maybe it will make a difference. It could be a blow to them that will weaken them considerably!

What? Pogba wishes rivals to suffer injuries? It’s a scandal. If you can not beat your opponent in a fair fight on the field, no other victory will ever taste normal! If Pogba does not understand this, it is very weak. As weak as Keane’s legendary foul on Alfie-Ingie Håland, when Roy specifically kicked the rival to injure him.



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