Some rest is needed from all of the gossips from the football transfer market. All the more, that in the NBA today a real bomb “exploded” tonight!

Such transactions in the NBA are unusual rarity. The two best Eastern Conference teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics, exchanged the players. Kyrie Irving will be in the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas will play alongside LeBron James in the Cavalry team.

Irvine’s departure from Cavs does not surprise anyone, but Thomas’s transfer is a shock to the Boston fans. Kyrie has long been complaining that he does not want to play in the shadow of King James. So, now he’s in the team where everything starts and ends with him. I wonder if he will be able to take on his shoulders the whole team’s play?

Isaiah Thomas has a fantastic season behind him. He played amazingly and with great sacrifice. In the play-offs with tears in his eyes he went to the game, having great pain in his heart after the death of his beloved sister. Maybe that’s why he decided to change the environment. Just the pain was too big for him?

Anyway, now the Cavs will finally be able to face the Golden State Warriors. Or maybe thanks to Thomas even regain the champion’s title?


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