This is the biggest puzzle of the football world. How can it be possible that, despite the fact that Barca officially announced the signing of a new contract with Leo Messi, the Argentinian does not have a new contract with Blaugran anyway?

Exactly on July 28th, Josep Maria Bartomeu, or President of Barca, during an interview with ESPN, stated that Leo had signed a new contract. What a liar! But as in life happens, it turned out that the lies have a short lifespan.

Messi has yet another year contract with Spanish vice-champion. So in the summer of 2018 he will be able to leave the club for free! And that was the talk of the father of the football player responsible for transfers in Manchester City, Txik Begiristain. The English believe that in twelve months they will win big Leo for free!

What is it Bartomeu talking to that? Nothing, sitting very still and still dreaming of buying Coutinho and Dembele.

For the fans, the departure of the “Atomic Flea” would be the absolute end of the world. First: Neymar’s loss, then the most catastrophic transfer summer in club history, and now also Leo. The life of the Blaugrana fan is really hard!


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