The draw of the Champions League group stage plus the transfer of Ousmane Dembélé to Barcelona – that was yesterday what football fans of the world lived about. In our backyard it was a little bit worse, after Legia Warszawa made a ridicule of themselves in the preliminaries to the European League.

Polish champions get punches from every side. First they lost their biggest star Vadis Odjidja-Ofo, then dropped from the race for the Champions League, and now the disaster in qualifying for the European League. 0:0 on the trip with Sheriff Tiraspol is just the complete failure. Legia is totally financially ruined and in the red. And additionally now will start adding up punishments for the misbehavior of their fans. And so, for example, the team from the capital will have to pay 5 thousand PLN for … the offensive cries of their fans in Płock. This is the first such punishment in the history of our Ekstraklasa! The League Commission says that in the match against Wisła, there have been exceeded, not only the limits of good taste, but all the limits that exist in football!

Now the team of Jacek Magiera awaits another difficult test. At Łazienkowska street will come the leader of our league, Zaglebie Lubin. Peter Stokowiec’s team is a real revelation. Alan Czerwiński and Bartosz Kopacz, the first league players, found themselves exceptionally well in the team. In the fight against the champions of Poland they will be the “minimum favorites”. Yes Yes! Legia is unbelievably weak this season and their situation will not be changed by their last win in Płock.

In another hit of the league, Lechia Gdańsk will face the Wisła Kraków. It is not just dark, but stormy clouds are gathering over the head of team’s coach Piotr Nowak. After six games played in the Ekstraklasa, the team Lechia has just only five points (one victory, two draws and two losses). No wonder their fans have enough of such attitude of their favorite team. Recently, Nowak listened so much from the tribunes, that only a man with steel nerves could stand it. For him the match against the Wisła is a fight for life. The eleventh players from Gdynia are lucky, because the guests from Kraków will come without their best player, Petar Brlek, who was sold to Genoa CFC for 2.2 million euro.

So much about our “kicking game”. Now is the time for real football. English league! Here we have a great hit. Liverpool vs. Arsenal – so much will be happening on the field! The Reds have not lost this season yet, and in midweek they have advanced to the Champion’s League group stage. The “Cannoniers” have the first fail in their account. A week ago they lost with Stoke 0-1.

After yesterday’s lucky for Liverpool draw for LM groups, their manager Jurgen Klopp said: “Today we are in the Champions League. First, however, we are focusing on the right preparations for the game against Arsenal. Later, we will have a representative break from which hopefully everyone will return to health. We have time and we are going to make the most of it.

The Reds are playing incredible football. In the attack, they are almost unstoppable. Mane, Firmino and Salah – are brilliant trio. There is only Coutinho missing, but it’s hard to say whether the Brazilian will ever play in an Anfield Road club shirt. The situation of the great midfielder did not want to comment Arsene Wenger, who just said: “I have no idea how the Brazilian looks at his career in the Reds, or how Liverpool looks at Coutinho in the club.” Hard to assess it all, I’m not even sure if Barcelona actually wants him at home. The Frenchman also announced that he is not afraid to go, despite the loss with Klopp’s team. “There were some positive moments on Liverpool’s football pitch, but we also had some depressing moments. Although we must admit that in the past we made it quite well in that area and we want to do it also this Sunday.

What more is interesting in the Premier League? Blue derby, Chelsea versus, spending a lot of money, Everton. After defeating of Tottenham, The Blues are catching the wind into their sail. Although this week’s rumors of Antonio Conte’s departure came out, we do not seem to consider it as feasible. Morata and the company will fight for another three points.

Toffiki with his living “the third youth” Wayne Rooney will be a dangerous rival this season for everyone. His former club, ManUnited, will want to defend its leadearship. How to do it? Simple, you have to beat Lisy from Leicester, which does not seem to be a complicated thing.

In Germany, Robert Lewandowski and his Bayern will go for a match to Werder. The Bavarians are still living through the LM group draw. The German champions will play in this phase, among others: with the king of transfer hunting, that is PSG. Here’s what Manu Neuer has to say about it: – It’s an interesting draw. PSG is obviously the icing on the cake – I’ve never played against them, so I’m eagerly awaiting the clash with them. Against the Celtic I will also play for the first time. Celtic Park is known for its incredible atmosphere, so the draw for the reason of fans is also exciting for me. Anderlecht are not one of the easiest rivals and we can not underestimate them. In the past they have managed to get some great wins, so we have to be ready to play with them.

Of course, with Werder it will be much easier than with Neymar’s team. Three points for sure Borussia should also score, wich no longer has the “Dembélé problem”, and will be able to fight on several fronts. By the way, I am curious what the bosses of BVB will do with the money which they have received from Barcelona for the young Frenchman?

In Spain it will be interesting in Madrid, where the “Royals” will take on Valencia. It is true that “the Bats” are not the same class as a few years ago, but it’s still a very dangerous team. It will be interesting to see how the duo Simone Zaza-Dani Parejo can handle the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu? It is well known that Sergio Ramos will not play in this match, so a couple of Real Madrid stoppers will create Varane and Nacho. Another scenario, than three certain points for hosts it will be a mega surprise!

Barca may well think of winning the second league match this season. The Catalans with healthy Iniesta will set off on a trip to play a match with Alaves. And then a great welcome party will begin. Fichado! That is Dembélé in Barcelona! He is supposed to replace Neymar in the Blaugrana’s starting eleven. Will he succeed? Oh it will be hard, very hard. The striker will sign the contract for five seasons and his presentation will be held next week.

Who to look out for this weekend? Of course Neymar! In the last match against Toulouse (6:2), the Brazilian scored two goals, recorded two assists and scored a penalty! Marco Verratti talks about him that he is playing like Captain Tsubasa! Well, let’s see what Ney will invent in the match against Saint-Étienne. Both teams have not lost points so far. With a better balance sheet of the goals, at the head of the table is PSG anyway, and their rivals take third place. These clubs are parted by AS Monaco. In Paris, there is going to be a match of the first class!


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