After three rounds the Premier League table looks like in old good times. It is headed by two of the most successful clubs in the history of English football, that is Manchester United and Liverpool.

The Red Devils have won three victories in their account. At the weekend, with ease, the players of José Mourinho managed to beat “the Foxes” of Leicester. 2:0 for United is the lowest penalty for the former team of Marcin Wasilewski.

Liverpool had two wins and one unlucky draw. At the weekend, the players of the Arsenal found out about the strength and power of The Reds. 4:0 – It was a massacre of Londoners. The trio of Salah-Firmino-Mane simply drove over the defence of “the Canoniers”.

Is ManUnited and Liverpool currently the two most important candidates to win the championship? Probably it is too soon to formulate such theses. However, there is no doubt that both teams are currently presenting a wonderful form.

And it can be even better. To the end of the transfer window there are three days remaining, and both teams have many players to hunt for. The Old Trafford team wants to give 100 million euro for Gareth Bale! On the other hand, Liverpool have enough of Coutinho and want to replace him with Thomas Lemar from Monaco.

We will find out soon if the transfer plans of the English giants will be realized. The transfer window closes on Thursday at midnight.


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