All of America has been embroiled in sex scandals. So far, the loudest voices were about film stars. But now there is an accusation towards the very ruler of the basketball, LeBron James! Does the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player have trouble? Sure, and that’s what!

All action has been filmed by Heidi Hoback, a fashion model, The American “boasted” in the media that King James tried to pick her up. The woman even showed on the internet a scan of a private message from a famous basketball player.

Of course, the player himself does not admit to anything. Husband and father of three children so far have been referred to as the role model and head of the family. And here’s such an attack and a big surprise!

Heidi in simple words described how LeBron wanted to pick her up. – It was like a wild meeting with a male! Hoback confessed. Interestingly, the model also claims that at first she had no idea who she was talking to because she was not interested in sports at all.

It all came to light when Hoback realized who he was. She immediately decided to share this knowledge with the whole world. Her message immediately appeared in the forefront of many sports newspapers.

LeBron can deny everything, but this is not the first time he has been charged with heavy accusations. In 2016, the athlete was to try to pick up in social media Rachel Busch. Ouch! We wish that there were not a second scandal in the style of Tiger Woods!


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