Unhappy days do not leave Sergio Agüero. The Argentinian sniper is in perfect form, but every now and then he lives different and strange adventures.

On the pitch everything seems to be perfect. Manchester City will certainly be in the running for the English championship. Argentine national team finally qualified for the World Cup. But outside of the stadium, things do not always go as if Kun had imagined it.

In September, Sergio had a car accident when he was coming back from concert in Amsterdam by taxi. He suffered rib cracks. For a few weeks he was out of the game.

Two days after the car accident the Argentinean was left by his girlfriend. Why? We have to go back to the unlucky trip to the Netherlands. The player secretly went to the concert and it was just because of that, her partner, Karina Tejeda held grudges against him.

The next part of Kuna’s adventures is yesterday’s match against Nigeria. Until the break everything was perfect. Argentina had a lead 2:1 and one goal was scored by Agüero. However, Sergio felt very bad during the break.

The striker was even close to fainting. So he was immediately taken to the hospital! It turned out later that Agüero’s health was all right, as reported by the Argentinean federation.

Let’s also add that without Kuna his national team fell 2:4 with Nigeria. This is called double bad luck. Although in Agüero’s case you can even say that it was triple bad luck!


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