Cristiano Ronaldo and his behavior – it must be annoying for all the fans of Real Madrid. Portuguese, club icon from Madrid, again shows horns and wants to leave the club!

Royal fans may have déjà vu. In July Ronaldo loudly complained about his treatment at the club and wanted to leave the team of champions of Spain. Pale fear fell on the faces of the fans of the team of Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. But only for a moment. When Florentino Perez stepped into the action, everything became calm.

It turned out that the calm in the locker room of Real lasted only a few months. On Monday the hearts of the Royals returned “dead” again. TV station “MEGA TV” announced that Ronaldo again wants to leave the club! Again? So much butt hurt football player the world has not seen it yet!

What is the Portuguese complaining about ? Of course money. He now earns about 21 million euro per season. Such Neymar in PSG gets almost twice as much. Leo Messi in Barcelona also earns much more. So CR7, a man with a manly ambition, believes that he – the footballer who recently collected the titles of the best player in the world – can not collect less money!

But this time the star of the Real may slightly stumble. The official position of the club is unequivocal – the Madrid team is more interested in recovering injured players and the derby from Atletico. The club is ready to talk about the raise, but it is not a priority!

Why CR7 is no longer treated as a deity at Santiago Bernabéu? Just it is enough to have a look at statistics. In this year’s season, Cris played in seven La Liga matches and scored just one goal! No wonder that when the best shooter fails, Real is going down on the table chart in the Primera Division. Third place and eight points loss to Barcelona – for the fans of the capital of Spain is a real drama!

Or maybe it is something else entirely? Ronaldo is 33 years old and will not be younger. Gareth Bale is non-stop injured and Karim Benzema fails altogether. Maybe it is to replace the famous BBC trio with new stars? It is known that next month will be extremely hot and interesting for Royal fans.


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