You have probably seen a number of different types of bets you have not been able to understand. You may have also been dealing with a situation where you were not sure if a bet was won or lost. Then this text is for you! I invite you to the first part of a series of guides that will make you a true master of betting and will make that nothing will surprise you in the future. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you will find in our blog a new chapter for some sort of a “bible” for a bettor, which will provide you with the information you need to become a true betting champion. Ready? Let’s start!

On the first go we will take a fairly obvious bet, or actually bets that are as essential as oxygen in the breathing process. Of course we are speaking of standard “1×2” and “ultimate victory”. Often, it is the ignorance of the difference between these two bets that leads to a real catastrophe on our coupons.


“1×2” is of course a formula we all know. This is a 3-way bet where we can bet on a team 1 or 2, or draw (X or 0). Of course there are disciplines in which the draw does not occur (tennis or volleyball). There it is impossible to put “X” in the same way.

However, what happens when it is possible that the match finishes in a draw according to given time set, but whole match must be settled anyway ? This can happen when we talk about football cups. In this case, everything is a bit brighter as the bookmaker gives us additional bets to “qualify” or “win the trophy” for finals, which also include overtime and penalties. But there are also disciplines where the rules do not allow the game to finish in a draw in any case, such as in hockey. It is here then that we come to the magic term “final victory”

Final victory

In a nutshell, this is simply a 2-way bet for a team that includes overtime and penalty if we talk about hockey. The odds for such events are usually lower and will protect us in the event that our favorite should stumble and will not be able to beat the opponent in the first three quarters. A similar situation is in basketball, etc.

It is always a good idea to look at the bets we place. It may turn out that the bet won after a series of penalties, will be for us money thrown into the mud by such obvious error.

Thanks for the advice – how can I use it?

If you have reached to the end, you probably can not wait when you have the opportunity to use it. If so, and I know that you want, then I will tell you the best place to use such a dose of information and how can I help you in this.

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Remember, play responsibly and “win is not a matter of chance!”



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