Today, in our series, we will look at bets that cause problems to a large part of people just beginning their adventure with betting, and those who already have many vouchers “behind them” and often make mistakes in them. It is of course about the mysterious word “handicap”, and in fact the difference between its European variety and Asian one.

Handicap in general

Let’s start with what is the magic word of the handicap at all. The whole philosophy here is to bet on the win of a particular team with our little help. This type of bet allows us to add (or subtract) to the final result of the match the number of goals we choose. We can bet that, for example, a team will win by 1, 2 or 5 goals or lose, but not more than 1, 2, or 3 goals. The very handicap has two varieties – the European and Asian one, which at first glance do not differ too much, but at the final settlement of the coupon, the bad choice of a particular bet may turn out to be tragic for us.

European Handicap

The European Handicap is a form of betting that will be more common, as the name suggests, in Europe. The most important fact is that this handicap is 3-way. This means that we can bet three variants of this event – one team win, another team win, or draw. For example, let us use the image below.


As you can see, we can add one or two goals to our team. Let’s analyze the first line. If we choose the first bet on the left, it will mean that the Jagiellonia must win by at least two goals advantage to win. In the case of the first bet from the right, we add one goal to the team from Nieciecza and we bet on it, which means that they must at least draw to our full luck and happiness. In case of adding Termalice, for example, two goals (the second line the first bet on the right) the team will be able to lose at most one goal and the bet will be won. The third option is the middle bet, that is a draw. In this case, after adding to the result of our handicap we have to have a draw in amount of goals, to make our bet winning.

Asian Handicap

The second kind of handicap is its Asian variant. This is a 2-way and we do not have the option to bet on a draw. This is theoretically safer bet, because it gives us a lot of opportunities, protects against the draw, etc. Here we meet, as seen in the image below such wonders as “-1.25”, “+1.75” or “-1.0”. We will look closer at all of these bets in the next article of our series, where we will describe exactly all the possibilities offered by this type of betting based on examples.


The most important information to remember about Asian handicap, is that there is no possibility of placing a bet ended in a draw, which exists in the European Handicap.

What’s better?

Each type of handicap has its advantages and disadvantages. In the European version odds will be higher. So if we are confident that our team will win with a significant advantage and easily will surpass the amount of goals needed, then we can take advantage of the European variation of this bet. If we want to insure against the sudden turn of the action in the match, then surely a better choice will be the Asian handicap, in which there is no possibility to bet on a draw. Here we also have very interesting options with very varied possibilities, such as a half bet return or a half win, but we will talk about it in the next section.

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