Last night Cristiano Ronaldo won the “Golden Ball” for the fifth time. Football fans know everything about his incredible football victories. However, the Portuguese has yet another triumph in his account, which has nothing to do with a sport. And for him, it is incredibly important!

Hugo Aveiro – for football fans, this name does not say much. And this is the brother of Cristiano Ronaldo, who for years has had a lot of trouble in life. He was an alcoholic and he was addicted to drugs. Living in the shadow of a superstar is never easy. That’s why the Real player knew that he had to help his brother to get out clear and straight.

Already in 2014, Hugo promised the “legend of Royals” that when he wins the Champions League, he would stop drinking. CR7 did it with Real and was twice as happy about it. He won the football top place, and his brother stopped looking into the glass for drinking. And to this day he has managed to win the fight with this nasty addiction.

Now Hugo is one of Cris’ managers, and he also manages the Ronaldo museum, which is located on the family’s home island, that is Madeira. The brothers have never been so close together. They go on holiday together and have fun together.

During the yesterday’s gala of handing over the Golden Ball, Hugo was the loudest one to enjoy the win of his brother. Their mutual joy … These moments will remain in their memory for the rest of their lives!

Now Hugo is facing the daily struggle for a normal life. Everyone who was addicted knows how easy it is to return to addiction. However, having so much help from Cristiano, everything can turn very well. You just have to try and fight. This is exactly how Ronaldo does it on the pitch!


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