What will the year 2017 be associated with most likely? First was the tragedy of handball players during the World Cup. Volleyball players have played tragically during the European Championship, and the basketball players have been disgraced during the Old Continent championship.

Match Finland – Poland. Less than two minutes before the end we ran almost 10 points! And what? And it ended badly! Losses, throws for three rivals and total chaos on our side. 87:90 for the hosts! Coach Mike Taylor only looked helplessly at how his team disgraced our basket on the international stage.

And yet it did not have to be so. Before the departure, all the experts pointed out, one fact – why Kamil Łączyński was absent in our representation? One of the best Polish players in the European Championship only watched on TV. And the player with his skills we were short of during the end of match with Finland. Tranquility, decisiveness and effectiveness – these are the qualities that Łączyński wins our hearts. Why coach Tylor did not want to see this? For me it was a crime committed on our national team!

Fortunately, this error has now been fixed and an Anwil player returns to the World Cup qualifiers. We would like to shout: – Finally!

I’m not saying that Łączyński alone will save the game of our representation. But if there is such a good player available, it is a sin not to use his services.

For the infallibility of coaches often pay the whole team. Example? Here you are. Football qualifier matches for the 2018 World Cup. Giampiero Ventura took advantage of the best Italian striker, Lorenzo Insigne, in just fifteen minutes. As a result, the promotion for Russian tournament was won by the players of the team of Three Crowns. And Ventura became the number one public enemy in sunny Italy! And why to complicate life so much?


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