It’s not even funny. It’s a disaster running on the pitch. In addition Karim Benzema feels like he was some kind of football god!

One medium level match was enough and the Frenchman totally flew away. In the last Champions League, Real Madrid beat at the APOEL 6:0 in the out of town match. Two goals were scored by Benzema. But they were not any special hits. Just the typical shot of a football to an empty net.

After such a performance, Benzema fired larger rockets during a meeting with journalists. Here’s what the Frenchman said about his weaker game since the start of the season: “Criticism is part of my life. We will change it with the goals and more assists. I can do it. This will give me more confidence because we have scored six goals and have not lost any.

Okay, so far it’s fairly quiet. But after a while, the striker of Real flew away completely. – It’s not about the minutes that I did not shoot. The most important thing is to be present on the pitch every time. Hence, you do not have to listen to what you say. I’m doing my job here. I’m in the best club in the world and I’m a great football player. If someone does not like it, it’s his problem.

Can someone translate this into normal language? Seriously? “I’m a great football player”? And that is the sniper who scored only one goal in La Liga this season! So, what should say about himself Casemiro, who is a defensive midfielder and has two league hits in his account. The Brazilian must be an extraordinary player! Leo Messi does not even have to mention about him!


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