For a few days, Leo Messi is again on the lips of the whole sporting world. The Argentinean on Saturday extended the contract with Barcelona. Then he was one of the heroes of the hit match with Valencia.

After many months of speculation, it finally happened! Leo Messi, the legend and icon of the runners-up of Spain, finally signed a new deal with Blaugrana. The new contract will be in force until 2021. With an annual salary of 40 million euro, the Argentinean has become one of the best-paid players in the world!

A day later, Leo wanted to repay his club for a significant raise, but the referee did not allow this to happen in the match against Valencia. Messi scored a goal, but the referee did not approve it. The match ended with the division of points (1:1). For fans of the Catalans it is a big scandal, in the end their beloved team lost two points in the race for the title.

Leo himself is calm about the fate of Barcelona. How does he explain such a huge increase in the form of his team? Warning! Here is a little surprise – Blaugrana plays better because Neymar has left them!

– His departure caused a change in the way we play. We’ve lost a lot of potential in the offensive, but it caused a greater balance between the formations. We have a very strong middle field, but now we are also doing great in the defense – Leo said in one of the last interviews!

Maybe the Argentinean is right, but … You have to pay attention to one thing – Leo himself has not scored a goal for six matches. For years, he has not had such a fatal streak. Are these the first symptoms of fatigue finally shown? We have written more than once about the fact that Messi is exploited to the limits this season! And the fate of the championship will be settled in spring. In what form will the then “the genius” Argentine be?


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