Football is a very simple game. Here, if you start using trickery or thinking too much, it can quickly turn against you!

There was once a city legend associated with Ronaldo. With this “fat Ronaldo”. The Brazilian during the performances in Barcelona suddenly jammed. Nothing good was happening to him on the pitch. It took some time until Ronnie finally broke through the problem. After this meeting one of the journalists asked what was the reason for the worse game of the stars of Canarinhos. Ronaldo replied with a serious expression: “A few weeks ago I got a book of poetry from Pep Guardioli. After reading it, I felt strange. I could not stop thinking about it all. It was only when I threw the book out that everything returned to normal!

So we have the first proof that it is not allowed to think too much on the pitch. Little? Well, we have an even more current story. Since Mauricio Pochettino, the guardian of Tottenham, has published his autobiography “Brave New World”, his team has begun a sharp descent down!

Roosters on the last fifteen possible points, lost as many as eleven points! They lost 1:2 on away match with Leicester yesterday. And that’s how the dreams of the England championship end!

Today, the team from London can fly out of the first four, guaranteeing the Champions League. It’s enough for Liverpool and Burnley to win their matches.

And what will the lack of Champions League mean for Tottenham? It’s quite obvious – Harry Kane and Dele Alli will leave the team. Without them Pochettino will have to build his team from the very beginning. Well, unless the Spurs’ bosses will kick out onto the pavement “Mr manager-writer”


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