Spanish media are again in perfect shape! Their imagination knows no boundaries. They produce so many fake news stories that it brings headache.

Yesterday, it turned out that the bosses of Liverpool, after the summer did not even want to talk about the sale of Philippe Coutinho, now suddenly they changed their mind. There was a miracle and the Brazilian may already be packing his suitcases and buying a ticket to Barcelona! What a happy solution to the problem.

What are Spanish newspapers writing about? Coutinho has come to an agreement with the Liverpool authorities. The British agreed to give Brazilian permission to leave in the winter transfer window. The 25-year-old will be able to hit the Blaugrana in January! Very interesting.

Even better news today can be read about Harry Kane’s transfer. Real Madrid wants to check The Englishman. The Spanians will agree to give Tottenham for their super-attacker, attention: Gareth Bale, Lucca Modrica and Karim Benzema! Nice list!

Both fakes are just ridiculous. Firstly, no one in January will get rid of their best player. Secondly … There is nothing even to explain here. It’s better to get ready for the weekend of both Premier League stars. And in particular Cou, who will face the perennial war with Manchester United!


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