Thirteen meetings in this year’s edition of the Champions League and zero defeats. Such is the balance of the giants of the English league in the Champions League.

For years the debate has been going on, which league is the best in the world. Fans of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and the Spanish Primera Division say that the best football is played in La Liga. Bayern fans are looking for arguments for the Bundesliga. It’s the same in Serie A. But the facts are undeniable – the giants of England are ruling this season!

Thirteen matches, ten wins and only three draws – this is the balance of the Premier League teams from the Champions League. Yesterday evening again the English teams showed a great class. Liverpool beat Maribor 7-0 (season record). Manchester City have won 2-1 with Napoli, and Tottenham have taken out of Madrid one important point after a dramatic encounter with the ‘Royals’.

In the 21st century the Champions League was won by: Liverpool (2005), Manchester United (2008) and Chelsea (2012). Later, there was an era of the Spanish giants rule, but now millions of money spent by Premier League clubs are starting to bring return.

Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri said after yesterday’s defeat: “I do not know what happened in the first 30 minutes. We left too much space on the devastating team and we were punished for it!

Destructive power – this is the expression that best describes the form of giants of the Premier League. Will it be to the finale itself? It’s hard to predict, but … It is enough to just throw a glance at the group phase. Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool – all English teams lead in their respective groups. It has to show something?

Let’s add that today the Red Devils will play with Benfica in their out of town match, while Chelsea will take Roma at home. So what? Are there two more wins awaiting for the English teams?


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