Do the champions of Spain have problems? The year 2017 is for them a range of great successes, wins and record series. But over the last time it has not been so great in the kingdom of Cristiano Ronaldo and his company.

What is going on? It is especially for the Los Blancos game in the league. The difference between the Royals and Barcelona has recently dropped to five points, but Real is still in La Liga on average. It is not liked by the CR7 very much, which has not been very pleasing recently.

The Portuguese on Monday picked up the award for the player of the year, and earlier he made it clear that not everything in Real was happening according to his will. Ronaldo complains about working with three players: Marco Asensio, Danim Ceballos and Isco. Interestingly, Cristiano feels the best when Karim Benzema is on the pitch.

The problem is that the Frenchman once again plays a very weak season. In both the Champions League and La Liga, Benzema scored a stunning goal of one goal! Asensio himself has three hits. It is hard to say about the other players.

Cristiano probably has lost himself in his divinity and can not see the obvious – Real needs a shock. Needs a fresh approach to building a new team. Benzema is no longer the future of this club. This belongs to Asensio and Isco. The sooner CR7 understands and accepts it, the more the champions of Spain will return to the winning track.

The best opportunity for that will be tomorrow. Real starts the Copa Del Rey game in Fuenlabra. On the pitch we will probably see a lot of substitutes, including: Theo Hernández, Achrafi Hakimi and Dani Ceballos. Maybe after their good performance, CR7 will eventually change a bit opinion.?

PS. One more thing. Today there are rumors linking Robert Lewandowski with Real. There is nothing to comment … There is less fiction in the films of the series “Star Wars”.


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