The fans of the champions of England during the weekend survived another horror. This time ended with a happy ending. However, Watford’s 4-2 win highlighted all of the Blues’ faults!


“Thank God,” commented Watford on a social networking site, Daniella Semaan, the sexy partner of Cesca Fabregas. Even she, sees Chelsea play very, very poorly. After nine Premier League tournaments, the London team is fourth in the table and has 9 points loss to the leader, Manchester City.

Behind us exactly 25 percent of the season and the thesis that Chelsea have no chance to defend the title, it must be quite brave confession. However, there are at least three reasons why it is obvious that The Blues in May 2018 will not enjoy the next championship. These are:

1. Antonio Conte. Last season, Italian manager Chelsea was full of emotions. Every now and then he landed in the arms of his fans, enjoying himself with his next goal. Now is different. You can see in the face of Conte anxiety. Besides, there’s a gossip from last week hanging above his head. Chelsea players are rebelling against their intensive training. Players say that the Italian system has a negative impact on their fitness and the team’s performance.

2. Nemanja Matić. How did it happen that Conte agreed to sell the Serbian, nobody knows. Now Matic is definitely one of Manchester United’s most important figures. His game is pure poetry and even Jose Mourinho himself can not praise him fully. And what’s in Chelsea? N’Golo Kanté remained, but is now injured. Because of this the Blues players often lose the fight in the middle of the field. As a result, the rivals are able to derail deadly attacks. On Saturday, Richarlison himself was able to shoot a double shot. But if you do not go to the empty goal then you have to suffer. In general, Chelsea has not looked so bad in the long run!

  1. Diego Costa. The English league is specific. Here, besides skill, strength is also important. Costa was a perfect hit for Chelsea. He had the deadly precision to end the attacks of the Blues. But as you know, the Brazilian with a Spanish passport has said goodbye to the Premier League and counts the days after returning to Atletico. In his place appeared Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard is an amazing, brilliant and unique player. The problem is that former Real Madrid player does not always feel well in the English Premier League. It was exactly like that on Saturday with Watford.

Costa after nine seasons of 2016/17 had seven goals. Morata has one less hit (three of them won in a 4-0 win over Stoke). Bare statistics are not all – it is also important here to notice that most of the goals Diego scored, decided over the win of the Chelsea. Alvaro does not have such a gift.

A small summary at the end. Chelsea has, among other things, the defeat by Crystal Palace or Manchester City. Conte players lose points with incredible ease. But this is not the worst. It’s much harder to say something good about their style. You can see that the Antonio era at Stamford Bridge is slowly ending. Knowing the explosive nature of Roman Abramovich we can be sure that Chelsea will lose heads sooner or later. In my opinion, the first one for style and results will be Conte himself!





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