In the summer the Red Devils made the best and worst transfer! Is this the proper way to build a big a power? José Mourinho believes they can win the title. For us, the play of the club from Old Trafford is not very convincing.

Of the fact that José Mourinho is one of the greatest hypocrites in the world of football, no-one probably needs to be persuaded. When he was ex-Chelsea carer and played with West Ham, he defended himself for 90 minutes, then the Portuguese called such a stance a nightmare.

But when he himself puts the football bus in his penalty area, then Mourinho calls it football pragmatism. That was during the last game against Liverpool, when the team from Old Trafford dreamed about one point. And he succeeded!

The next example. José has recently attacked Antonio Conte. Maybe it was not a direct attack, but the Blues keeper knew perfectly well what was going on. The Portuguese said: “I never complain about injuries. Not what other managers who cry, weep and cry, only when a player is injured. If I wanted to complain, I could cry for five minutes!

What was the response of Conte? The Italian in such a way returned the blow: – If it was to me, then I think he should start to care about his team and look at himself, not on others. Mourinho regularly checks what is going on in Chelsea. And he should start checking out what’s going on in his team!

And Antonio is right! Because in the MU team is not going well. After a 1-0 loss to Huddersfield, the Portuguese just got mad. José had a grudge against his defenders, although there was no Victor Lindelöf in that group, who had a bad start to the new club. On Saturday he failed in both goals of his hosts. Very strange …

The Swede is definitely the worst transfer of the summer of 2017. On the other hand, pulling Nemanji Matić turned out to be the masterful move of Mourinho. And that’s just the whole problem of José. For one thoughtful and successful move, it falls exactly the same on the other side of the coin. It is not possible to rebuild the great power of Manchester United in this way. So we are waiting for a few more twisted explanations of the Red Devils protector. Until the time when he himself will end up in football hell, and will not be able to find another excuse after a failure of his team.


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