It has been a long time since we heard about Kylian Mbappé. And yesterday the big news exploded – the Spanish press reported that a wonderful child from AS Monaco has made a deal with Real Madrid.


For a long time I have not believed in any transfer rumors. It also sounds pretty … slightly unreal. What is going on? Read it by yourself.


“The Royals” have reached a preliminary agreement with the French champions and will buy a young striker for up to 180 million euros (160 million base amount plus 20 million variables).


Of course there is no official agreement. Only gossip. Where does Zizou push Kylian in the royal line? And again all the secrets of the first composition are explained by the Spanish press. According to them, Gareth Bale, who has a lot of trouble with injuries, has to fly out of the first eleven. Sure…


Why not ask at the source if Mbappe will become a player of the Spanish champions? So did the English, who heard there was no negotiation! Nothing, zero! So, again, a lie? It’s like the transfer of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona. The Spanish press also claims that the Brazilian has made a deal with Blaugran. Except that Liverpool did not allow such negotiations.


Better not listen to all these hot news and be patient. Transfer window will be open for another month!


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