Finishing off Barcelona is in the process. In the second match of the Spanish Super Cup Blaugrana again fell to Real. This time Los Blancos were better 2:0.

All in all a modest 5:1 for the Spanish champions. But not the result is important here, but the Catalan style. This is a nightmare and complete bottom. After Neymar’s departure, nothing happens in Barcelona’s attack. In addition, the defense does not look too good either. Let us recall that in the first game of the season Gerard Pique scored a “suicidal” goal.

And it was the Catalan defender after yesterday’s defeat that he finally said a few words of truth. – We are not at the best of times, neither as a team nor as a club. We have to be together and paddle forward. We must live with this defeat, accept that Real is better. Now we have to be together more than ever.

Yes Yes! Pique said that Real is better! It’s like an earthquake in Barcelona. The state of the emergency continues and this will not change today’s Paulinho presentation. The transfer of the player, who has recently been recognized by Tottenham fans as the worst player in the history of the “Cocks”, will not save the Blaugrana.

And one more thing. So good for finishing off the Blaugrana fans. Pique and Luis Suarez were injured in yesterday’s match with Real. This is going to be a hard season for all fans of Leo Messi team.


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