This is a total war on misinformation! So you can describe the transfer negotiations between Barcelona and Liverpool. Of course it is about bringing on Camp Nou Philippe Coutinho.

The Catalan press constantly informs the world that Cou is about to put on a Blaugrana shirt. In England, they only laugh at this news.

Let us recall that on Friday the Catalans have made a third offer for Brazilian. 118 million pounds! Wow, such big amount of money has to make an impression. But after looking at this offer, it was not so wonderful at all.

It turned out that only 82 million pounds is a guaranteed amount, and in addition the amount of money would be spread over four installments. So for a start, Liverpool would get only a modest 20 million this summer. Great! For this amount of money Barcelona bought half of Paulinho. What a madness.

But further on it is better still. The remaining £ 36 million was included in the supplementary clauses, which included, among others, winning the Champions League and winning the Golden Ball by the player. And the truly most important part of the program – one of the conditions for paying extra cash was to win 6 trophies in the season by Barcelona!

To be honest, this offer is an offense. I am not surprised that the response of the English was a firm “NO”. Allegedly Barcelona is thinking about on submitting the fourth offer. Although on Friday they said that their “cosmic offer” of 118 million was the last word. I wonder what the Catalan administration is going to discredit itself with?


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