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Eight La Liga races, seven victories and only one draw in the last leg of the Atlético Madrid. The start of the Blaugrana season must be respectful. The Ernesto Valverde team is solid and effective. All in all, there is nothing to fault with unless you … Actually there is one thing to look out for. Maybe Barcelona is much better balanced this season than in previous games. However, if we closely follow the statistics then anyway, it turns out that the main and most important figure of Barca is obviously Leo Messi.


With a goal scored in the middle of the week in the Champions League final against Olympiacos, the Argentinian scored his fourth goal in a row for at least 50 goals in a calendar year. Leo once again shows that he is just a superman!

And if it turns out that Messi is, however, the same creature as all of us and will soon start to feel the effects of fatigue season? The Argentinian has played the maximum number of minutes since the start of the season and never once sat on the bench or in the stands. Leo has exactly 1170 minutes (720 minutes in La Liga, 270 in the Champions League and 180 in the Spanish Super Cup). Of the 25 goals scored in Barcelona, ​​Leo himself was the author eleven hits. To his account he added 3 assists.

As you can see that the Argentinian is irreplaceable! No resting for him is a very risky tactic. After all, he is not a machine! Only in recent years he complained about such injuries like: breaking the inner ligaments in the knee, traumatic headache, or strong muscle tearing. I absolutely do not wish Leo to check in instead of on the football pitch to in the doctors’ offices, but can you give him some rest? Tomorrow the pride of Catalonia will be taking on his stadium the Malaga, which is last in the table. The world will not collapse if Leo gets free tonight. And his colleagues still have to deal with no brilliant Argentinian.

However, if Valverde does not listen to the voice of reason, finally he will await a tragedy. Barca without Messi? It would be a catastrophe. If we add Luis Suarez’s planned operation in November in the heads of Spanish vice-champions, the red warning lamp must light up! It can not be played anymore in this way!



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