What a boredom! Liverpool vs Manchester United – it was going to be a big hit and it turned out to be a mega shit!

Everything because of the tactics of José Mourinho. The Portuguese arrived at Anfield for one point and in this he succeeded. Red Devils practically defended the match whole of the time and only one shot of Lukaku could threaten the hosts. On the other hand, the Reds tried something there, but there was no great revelation.

It ended up as we expected, a draw. That does not mean, however, that in Manchester they can not score goals. Oh no! In the blue part of the city Pep Guardiola’s team is ruling, which revs up its energy with every new meeting!

In the match of 8th turn, Pep Guardiola’s men beat the Stoke City 7:2 on their own stadium. It was a real show of football magic!’The Potters’ were demolished. It seems that Guardiola has built a football monster that wants everyone to crush and beat.

One of the best players on the pitch was Gabriel Jesus, who scored Stoke two goals. After the match, the Brazilian said: “We are working hard on training and we are going to win every game and win many goals. We are happy because of our game. This season we are playing well and I think it is a great support for the fans. In my opinion it’s even more important than shooting a lot of goals. There may be times when it is going to be difficult for us to maintain this form. But at the end of the day we have to do what we can. If we continue to train well, we will see results at the end of the season.

It will be very scary what will be next! ‘The City’ are back in the Champions League. On their pitch they will take on Napoli. Will Piotr Zielinski’s team be able to stop Guardiola’s speeding machine?


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