Spain versus Italy – is the biggest football hit of this weekend. The duel at the top of the G group is at the same time a fight for the independent leader position. So far, both teams have accumulated 16 points. A year ago, in Italy, the result was a 1:1 draw (De Rossi goals from the penalty shot and Vitolo).
Spain’s balance in the last five matches:
Macedonia – Spain 1: 2 (qualifying to the World Cup)
Spain – Colombia 2: 2 (friendly match)
France – Spain 0: 2 (friendly match)
Spain – Israel 4: 1 (qualifying to the World Cup)
England – Spain 2: 2 (friendly match)
The Italians’ record in the last five matches:
Italy – Liechtenstein 5-0 (qualifying to the World Cup)
Italy – Uruguay 3: 0 (friendly match)
Netherlands – Italy 1: 2 (friendly match)
Italy – Albania 2-0 (qualifying to the World Cup)
Italy – Germany 0: 0 (friendly match)
First, some statistics, Do Italians have the best defense in the world? Nothing can be more wrong. In the qualifiers for the Russian Cup, Gigi Buffon and the company lost 4 goals, while the Spaniards one less! Maybe Squadra Azzurri have a better attack? Not completely. La Furia Roja have already scored 21 goals (only Portugal, England, Germany and Belgium have better results). The Italians have three hits less.
What are the moods in both teams? The home coach, Lopetegui says his team must be close to perfection to beat rivals. Everyone is waiting, how the fans in Madrid will receive Gerard Pique. Even the stars of Real have asked fans not to whistle at Barcelona defender. In addition, the coach of La Furia Roja has a simple plan to play with Italy – you have to thicken the center of the field. That is why he wants to throw in the fight everybody he has in the halfback pool of players. In addition, in the team re-appeared David Villa again. Former Blaugrana striker is expected to assist in dismantling a tight defense of the team from sunny Italy.
Gian Piero Ventury’s team enjoys a series of 9 matches without defeat. The last time Italians left the field in the role of losers, was exactly 1 year ago (1:3 with France). The big loss to Squadra Azzurri team is the injury of Giorgio Chiellini. The Juventus player is the true leader of the Italians defense block. The rest of the most important Venture players are healthy, and ready to fight with former World Cup and European Cup champions. The good and efficient play of Insigne and Belotti duo, will be the key to victory. They will be the ones that can take the advantage of the weaker form of Pique and Ramos recently.


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