Barcelona vs Juventus – this is the biggest hit tonight in the Champions League. This match is also a great rematch for the Champions League final of 2015.

Let us recall that in Berlin Blaugrana was definitely better, which won 3:1. The Italians retaliated against Spain’s vice-champions in the last edition of the European Cup and eliminated the Catalans in the Euro Cup phase.

This is, of course, only a story that will not necessarily matter today on the pitch. And that was what he said Paulo Dybala, the “Old Lady’s” forward attacker, at the pre-conference before the match: “This match has nothing to do with last season’s skirmish. We are aware that we will have a chance and we must use it. I think Barcelona lost a very important player, Neymar, but replaced it with another, which also has great quality. Besides, Barça is always Barça. I think they are better defending themselves, they have not lost a game at home yet. They have to defend and do not leave rivals unattended because it can get very bad, and out of control.

Let us add that the Italian champions will have to deal with today without: Chiellini, Manjukit, Cuadrado, Khedira, Howedes and Marchisio.

In the camp of Barcelona there is much better mood. Only Ivan Rakitić has been injured. And after the last win in La Liga with Espanyol 5-0, the form is fantastic. Catalonian fans are slowly getting used to living without Neymar. And it was supposed to be so horrible …

To the fact that the past does not matter Ter Stegen is also trying to persuade us, the goalkeeper of Barcelona, ​​says: “We are never looking for revenge. Previous season is the past, we must focus on the present. We know very well how we are going to play tomorrow. We are not going to think about the past!


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