Today I am going to tell you about one of my favorite footballers in the world: Raheem Sterling – that guy could be one of the best players in the world, but he will not be. Because in his head he has not got too much!

He left Liverpool in an atmosphere of great scandal. The Reds fans will never forget that he just disregarded their club. Previously, he had had a disciplinary problem after being caught smoking shish. Wild parties with his participation are usual standard. Even the fans of England have had enough of his performances at Euro 2016 and wrote a special petition to remove him from the squad!

Now the unruly Englishman again reminded of himself. Of course, not thanks to the scored goals. Oh no. It turned out Sterling went on a spree during the pre-season tour in the USA!

During the Manchester City grouping in the US, the footballer used the services of … a prostitute! The service cost about four thousand dollars. However, after the “job” was done, the brave Rahe did not intend to pay her so much. And began to bargain. Let us remind you, the guy earns more than 200 thousand dollars a week! Later he explained that he had been drunk!

How has the story ended? The angry prostitute told the press about everything! Paige Milian’s partner is pissed off to the highest possible degree. Just like Pep Guardiola, for whom it’s a total symptom of an amateur! Oh, it has got very hot around Sterling. And the start of Premier League will be in just four days!


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