How to force a transfer to his dream club? Diego Costa knows how to do it!


A Brazilian with a Spanish passport has been telling for a long time that he must return to Atletico Madrid. The striker is completely in disagreement with Chelsea manager Antonio Conte. For Diego, it is not even a problem that because of the transfer ban from the Madrid team, He could only play in La Liga starting from January.


So what did Costa do? A guy who often gets into trouble, this time he did something less clever again. He filmed a movie in which he raged in Atletico’s shirt and mocked the Blues keeper. He also goes to Ceske Fabregas and says to him: – hug Conte!


Costa is currently staying in Legarto. In his homeland he slowly ends his vacation. It is now known that there is no place for him in the dressing room of the champions of England. But will he finally return to Atletico ? Or maybe Conte, in anger, will come up with another completely different scenario ?


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