If it is Monday, then there must be something about Neymar. We all know, we are one step from the start of a new era in football!


The Brazilinan’s transfer to PSG is already on the last stretch of the road. In Catalonia shock and disbelief. How is that? Why Neymar wants to exchange “big Barcelona” for the weak PSG? Wait a minute … I guess not all the people remember the double match of the two teams in the Champions League. If it had not been for the mistakes of the referee, the Catalans would have not made it up for the loss at the Camp Nou, and the French would have been in the game. The end of the rematch was one big scandal!


A sports site is one side, and the other is a financial aspect. And here the pale shadow fell on several teams who are already concerned that the weakened Barcelona will want to quickly spend those € 222 million earned on Neymar’s sale.


That is, for example, with Atletico Madrid. The general manager of this club, Miguel Ángel Gil Marin, is afraid of the future of Antoine Griezmann, Saul, and Yannicka Carrasco. At Chelsea they are waiting for what will happen to Eden Hazard. About Liverpool and Coutinho we have already written. And there is Paulo Dybala, for whom Juventus can charge 120 million!


There is no doubt that the Neymar megatransfer will make the prices of football players go up even further! Prices that are already ridiculous will now become even more absurd

Okay, is there anything known about the transfer itself? Of course not! There are only gossips alone. Neymar flies to Shanghai and then goes to Qatar for medical tests. It is better to be patient and wait a while.


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