It was supposed to be champagne, great joy, beaten Santos record and another three points. And here is the flop! Real Madrid lost a very important game last night!

The Spanish champions unexpectedly fell to Real Betis 0-1. Los Blancos broke off their amazing 73 series of goals with the goal scored. The same amount holds in his account the legendary Santos of the sixties.

During the record-breaking 73 games, “the Royals” scored as many as 199 goals. Of course, the author of the highest number of hits was Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 49 goals. Interestingly, yesterday Portuguese returned to the composition of Real after a five-year suspension. He even had some good situations to beat the goalkeeper but it was not his day. The best action he had, was after he played Gareth Bale, but masterfully he broke it.

Now, it is not enough that Real will not improve Santos’ record, but they will have to start to make up for losing to Barcelona which is rushing forward and confident. And this is already seven O’s! It’s not shit.

For now, in the dressing room of the Spanish champions there are no big nerves, but they will probably appear soon. Fans from Madrid calmed down Isco, who says: “Now at seven points loss we have to move forward, we need to push harder. It is true that it is hard, but we came out of worse situations. We are Real, we are the current champion and we have a duty to fight for everything.


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