Who is the biggest loser for me of this summer transfer window? Barcelona? No. Other clubs? Not either. The Spanish press was the most disgraced!

The headlines of newspapers such as Mundo Deportivo and Sport have been making me laugh for weeks. First there was something like: – he will never go away. Of course it was about Neymar. And what? And the Brazilian is already running in the PSG shirt.

Another point of the program. Philippe Coutinho in Barcelona! Yes, but that was when he played in Espanol few years ago. However, the sports press in Catalonia has seen him for two weeks in the Blaugrana shirt! Here the covers also left no illusions about the future of Liverpool midfielder. – Presentation in a moment! Or: – His transfer is a matter of hours!

Now I would like all these smart journalists to explain why Cou is still in England and is not going anywhere! Yesterday his club received from Barça the second offer of 85 million euro fixed amount + 15 million so-called variables. However, this time the Reds immediately said that the Brazilian will not be sold in this transfer window.

The English have also added that Barcelona will stop wasting time because Cou is not for sale!

Well, probably now a funny play is going to start with Dembele. And again there will be a whole circus, with the convincing of others, that the player is already in the locker room of Barça team. It is so funny…


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