Red alarm in Munich. Just before the start of the season, Bayern is in terrible disposition!

The German champions of the last six sparring games have won only one. The rest ended in failure. And what kind of failure! 0:4 with Milan, 0:2 with Inter. On Tuesday “Lewy” and the rest were crashed by Liverpool, who won the Audi Cup semi-final 3:0!


And there could be a lot more. Bayern had nothing to say in the battle with The Reds. The English simply crossed the German defenses. It was regrettable to see what Robert looked like in the defense of Liverpool. One free shot – yesterday it was all that our captain squad could afford.



“We have to regain our best form, rebuild our fitness, raise the pace of the game, and start winning again,” said Bayern president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. It’s allegedly so simple …


Yesterday the German champions faced Napoli in the match for the third place of the Audi Cup tournament. And what? And again big failure. This time 0:2! Oh it’s not good. And yet in just a few days the match for the German Super Cup with Borussia Dortmund!


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