Chris Froome was caught doping. Shock! The cycling world can not believe what has just happened!

Froome is a British road bicycle racer. Two-time Olympic bronze medalist and vice champion of the world, and also a four-time winner of the Tour de France. He rides in the same team with our Michał Kwiatkowski.

Now, one of the best competitors in the world can lose his victory in the last race of Vuelta a Espana. It turns out that the Team Sky star has been tested and it turned out that in his body was found a significantly elevated level of salbutamol, which is a drug for asthma. The medical test took place immediately after Vuelta.

UCI informed about the whole affair, that is the International Cycling Union. The permissible level of salbutamol in the body is 1000 nanograms per milliliter. The 32-year-old had twice the concentration level in his urine !!!

Now Chris Froome can also be disqualified for a year. Cycling knows a very similar case – Italian Alessandro France used the same substance and thus had to pause for 12 months. If the Briton receives a similar penalty, he will miss all the major races in 2018, including: the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.

For now, however, the International Cycling Union added that the competitor is not subject to mandatory suspension due to the nature of the unauthorized substance.

What about the very person that this case is about? Chris Froome of course says that he has a lot of asthma problems and uses an inhaler regularly. In addition, during Vuelta competition his condition worsened and he was forced to take an increased dose of salbutamol. However, in his opinion, the amount of medicine was within legal limits.

So again, asthma medications take the lead! Poor Justyna Kowalczyk had to struggle with the “ill” Norwegians most of her career. Now, Rafał Majka and Kwiatkowski will face a similar fate. It’s so sad…


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