How to effectively win with the bookmaker?

Like little children! Neymar had argued with Edinson Cavani about the penalty shot and immediately the whole world went mad about their little argument. The football players argued about the eleven at the last league meeting. At last Cavani came up to the penalty shot … and scored the goalkeeper! But then PSG scored two goals and probably beat Olympique Lyon 2:0.

After the match the press all over the world began to look for sensation. Firstly, both players were supposed to have fought with each other in a tunnel or locker room (there are two different versions). Then furious Neymar dissed Cavani’s profile at one of the social networking sites. And at the end, the Brazilian was supposed to have ordered the PSG bosses sell Edinson! The real end of the world mixed with all the hurricanes!

This last sensation was given by Spanish Sport. A newspaper specializing in the production of total stupidity. Now, they probably also have gone too far.

Cavani, who was in one of the interviews, explained: “I do not understand why all these untrue stories are made up. In my opinion, this is one of the normal situations on the field. I heard people say there is a problem with Neymar. The truth is that there is no problem with him at all!

Let us repeat Cavani’s words again: – The truth is that there is no problem at all! This probably ends the whole thing.